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Cloakroom Ideas

Posted on May 16, 2012 by Travis Harper

It is very rare that you find a home without a small bathroom consisting of mainly a basin and toilet. Home owners prefer to have a cloakroom bathroom because it is useful for guests visiting or makes it more convenient then going up the stairs to use the bathroom. It has become a popular option to buy the cloakroom as a suite and finding cloakroom suite ideas has never been easier when shopping online. The suites are designed and manufactured to match each section so the room will match and look stylish.

Planning the space for you cloakroom should be well thought though because you don’t want to be left with a cramped room especially when the room itself is small. The best way to avoid having a cramped cloakroom is to look at the recommended toilets and basins because they are often a smaller sized than would be used in a normal sized bathroom, saving precious space in the cloakroom.

IBathroom Suites has an entire category dedicated to cloakroom suites making it easier for you to make the important decisions. They are arranged into the ranges from designer branded ceramics to help you the user find what is perfect for the cloakroom in your home.

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