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Deciding on New Bathroom Furniture

Posted on December 29, 2011 by Travis Harper

Bathroom furniture is a great addition to any modern day bathroom, providing you if a selection of types, styles and sizes of bathroom furniture from mirrored cabinets to vanity units this is sure to be a piece of bathroom furniture that is right for your bathroom. When buying more than one piece of bathroom furniture it is a good idea to make sure that they are from the same range which means that they are offering you the same style and look. The bathroom furniture that you choose is down to you and what you require it for, cabinets and drawer units will provide you with the most storage space where as vanity units will provide you with a platform for your basin and toilet.

Cabinets such as wall hung cabinets and tall units offer you the best possible storage for your bathroom allowing you store away that bathroom clutter out of sight. Along with being able to store items within the bathroom cabinets, some also come with some added extras including mirrored doors, shelves and sometimes even shaver sockets adding greater functionality to your bathroom. Cabinets can be mounted in different locations within your bathroom such as on the wall meaning that you can have extra floor space for other parts of your bathroom or onto the floor which is more suitable for tall unit as they tend to be taller than they are wide meaning they taking up less space as they will neatly fit into the corner of your bathroom and still offer you the same amount of storage.

Other types of bathroom furniture such as washstands and mirrors may not offer you as much storage maybe even none but they still provide functionality to your bathroom. Washstands are used to raise the height of your basin within your bathroom to the correct level while sometimes also providing you with minimum storage usually in the form of a shelf under the basin. Mirrors are a common part of any modern day bathroom with some now being available with added extra such as heated and demistable pads, LED and backlit lighting and magnifying mirror there is a greater range to choose from. Heated and demistable mirrors are capable of clearing mist and condensation from them shelves meaning that you have a perfectly clear reflection each time. LED and backlit mirrors offer you a more modern look to your bathroom with some LED mirrors being able to create the illusion that the reflection being 3D with the LED’s being reflected in the mirror aswell.


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