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Bathroom Furniture: A Great Addition to any Bathroom

Posted on December 15, 2011 by Travis Harper

If you are looking to refurbish your bathroom or simply make a new addition to it then bathroom furniture is a cheap way of adding that extra style to your bathroom. A great addition to any bathroom is bathroom furniture such as cabinets, washstands, mirrors and vanity units can provide you with ample amount of storage space aswell as giving you the look that you want for a relatively low cost.

Bathroom cabinets are becoming more and more popular as the functionality of them improves. Some bathroom cabinets are now available with added extras such as built in mirrors shelves and shaver sockets. Along with the range of extras to choose from, cabinets are also available in a variety of styles and finishes from wood to aluminium and from one door to three door. As bathroom cabinets are mostly wall hung they can be placed almost anywhere within your bathroom without taking up floor space, other cabinets such as tall units are also available. Tall units are self explanatory, offering more height than width meaning that they will neatly into the corner of your bathroom and with some being as little as 30cm wide and deep these do not take up much space either.

If you’re not really looking for a cabinet but still desire some extra storage in your home then vanity units are the next best thing. Along with providing storage for your bathroom, vanity units also provide you with a stand for both your basin and a storage unit. Having the basin fixed to the vanity means that the vanity unit can also be used to hide fittings such as the bottle trap waste for the basin giving your bathroom an overall clean cut look. Along with been able to hide certain parts with your bathroom vanity unit you are also able to provide an ample amount of storage space for all the clutter you may have in your bathroom. As the basin is mounted on the top of the vanity unit, your basin will have to be a counter-top basin or a semi recessed basin so that it will fit with the vanity unit.

Other Bathroom furniture such as washstands and mirrors are a relatively cheap way off adding something extra to your bathroom. Washstands don’t really provide you with anything else than a stand for your basin although some will come with a built in shelf providing you with minimum storage. Mirrors, another piece of bathroom furniture can provide you with the look or feel you want for a relatively low cost and without taking up space within your bathroom.

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